Facebook News Feed Optimization

Amongst individuals that click the “like” button on your business’s Facebook fan page, as much as 90% of those individuals never go back to your fan page, however rather they see and communicate with your content in the “news” feed located on their Facebook page. For this reason, it is important that your news feed be optimized for significant impact on Facebook’s news content section. And 30 billion pieces of news are shared on Facebook every single month. Your job is to make certain your news material is seen.

3 elements that affect if individuals see your news information:

These aspects comprise the an algorithm called “Edgerank”. It’s a very complicated formula, and no one really understands for sure what the formula is, but here are aspects that may help to get your news feed posts viewed by more individuals and boost engagement with your fans.

1. Affinity – the relationship that your fan has with your page, how much they communicate, comment and like, just how much they see your content

2. Weight – every piece of content has a specific rating whether individuals like, or share

3. Recency – how current was your post?

Again, nobody actually knows the specific formula of the algorithm however a great deal of research has been done on the most efficient ways to optimize your content on Facebook. After comprehensive research, these are the top pointers to get your material seen by more people on their Facebook news feed.

Tips to get your material seen more on the Facebook News Feed.

1. Less is more.

Post two to five times per day on your Facebook fan page and you will discover you get better engagement. The primary factor that fans will unlike your page or hide you updates in their news feed is due to the fact that you are posting too often.

2. Short character counts.

80 characters or less get the very best engagement among your viewers.

3. Kind of content is necessary.

Photos, videos and questions tend to improve news feed optimization. There is also links and status updates, so experiment with that and see what works best. You will more than likely see that pictures will receive the very best engagement rate.

4. Use complete links instead of short links to increase interaction.

Short links are fantastic for Twitter, however you will get 3 times the engagement if you utilize complete links in Facebook.

5. The time that you post is necessary.

A high traffic window is about 10am Eastern to 4 pm Eastern. Also attempt outside of organisation hours because people are on Facebook in the evenings.

6. Thursdays and Fridays are best.

Statistically, Thursdays and Fridays are typically the very best days with 18% greater social engagement ranks. And with the Facebook “happiness index”, Fridays reveal to be the happiest days and social engagements surge on Fridays.

7. Post frequently and by hand.

Instead of utilizing automated software application services, it is best to publish by hand and typically.

By optimizing your Facebook news feed, you increase brand name awareness, which can develop your client base and increase your bottom line.

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