How to Draw Clothes for Beginners and Other Additional Information

Drawing and sketching clothes are important things to do by designers. In case you are interested in designing clothes, it is important to know How to draw clothes For Beginners. The information can give you some insights.

It is true that all things must be started. When you want to become designer, you should also start to make designs and sketches. In case you have no ideas of how to start it, these points can be helpful for you.

There are some points to follow when you want to start sketching. As a beginner, these points can give you some insights, so it will never be too difficult to make your first sketch

Get Inspirations

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In some cases, you need to get inspirations and materials for your design. Since you are still beginners, it is fine to take other designs as your references. Then, you can try to duplicate and even develop the design with your own style.

When it is difficult to find the references, you can find your interest. Everyone has their own concern and focus in designing, and you can pick your own theme or style. By doing it, it is easier to get the references.

Make the Croquis

Croquis is the imaginary model that will wear your design. You can start making some poses of croquis. You should find some poses that show the main details of your design.

Actually, croquis is not only important step to start your sketch. It can also become good chances to learn sketching. You will learn how to draw lines, curves, and other things that will be necessary in your design.

Draw the Clothes

The next step of How to draw clothes For Beginners is to draw the clothes. As a starting point, you do not need to think about the detail, but you need to focus on the original and main part of the clothes.

You can make many lines and curves. You can start from the thin lines, and you only need to bold it once you already get the shape of the cloth. It needs training, so it is fine to make some mistakes.

Add Some Details and Accessories

When you already get the main part of the outfit, it is time to add some details. Ruffles, patterns, and other details can be added. You are free to use your imagination and creativity in developing the sketch.

Accessories can also be added. Bags, necklace, jewels, and other accessories can be added depending on the design. There is no limitation to worry. Moreover, it is your training, so you are free to explore.

Ask for Comments

Once you are done with those designs, you should bold each lines and curves. It is important to strengthen the design that you have sketched, so it is easier for other people to understand and appreciate your design.

After that, you can look for suggestions and comments. These constructive inputs can help you to develop your drawing skills, you can be better on the next sketches.

Those are some steps that you need to know when you want to make sketches. As a beginner, it is always important to make starting steps. Making mistakes is fine. When you already get the courage, you can start applying the steps of How to draw clothes For Beginners.

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